Theresa May ‘in tears’ and Tory staffer physically sick on disastrous election night : Daily Record

May sat in ‘stony-faced silence’ when the bombshell exit poll predicted a hung Parliament at 10pm on Thursday.

Theresa May burst into tears and a Tory staffer was physically sick as the Conservatives’ election night horror unfolded.

It emerged today that the Prime Minister cried before meeting with the Queen and welled-up while addressing Tory activists.

Although May called the shock snap election , it seemed she was unprepared for looming disaster despite one of her top advisers warning her she risked flopping like US politician Sarah Palin in 2008.

The Prime Minister was convinced she could not lose (Photo: Getty Images)

Ms Palin made a storming start after being picked as Presidential hopeful John McCain’s running mate.

But she quickly faltered, unable to carry on the momentum of a long, gruelling campaign.

Mrs May listened to the awkward analysis but changed nothing, according to the Politico website.




  1. They won’t be tears of sadness or remorse, they will be tears of anger, that it hasn’t worked out how she decided it should. Such is her arrogance and sense of entitlement.

    How does she think we feel just before attending the Jobcentre, or attending a work capability assessment, or PIP assessment?

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