Fears that Theresa May’s ‘running through fields of wheat’ may inspire mass copycat trespassing : The Telegraph

When ITV News asked Theresa May what the naughtiest thing she ever did as a child was, she responded that she used to “run through fields of wheat” with a friend and that the local farmers “weren’t too pleased about that”.

Although her admission prompted a measure of ridicule, there are now concerns that a large group of people could be inspired by the Prime Minister’s comments to also run through fields, potentially damaging crops in the process.

Close to 30,000 people have signed up to a event listed on Facebook as ‘Running Through A Field Of Wheat‘, scheduled to take place in Norfolk on 23-24 June, with another 59,000 saying they are interested in attending.

“Come join us for a cheeky frolic through fields of wheat,” the listing says, adding: “The farmers will love it.”

Among the comments on the event page are pictures and videos of people standing or running through fields of crops. One clip is captioned: “Genuinely couldn’t wait for this event… We are a very naughty couple of reprobates!”

Although there is no venue listed for the event, and it was almost certainly set up in jest, several commenters have expressed anger at the prospect of hoards descending on Norfolk to follow in the Prime Minister’s wheat-crushing footsteps.

“How about we get all the farmers and their animals to run through your gardens and prevent you earning your livelihood?” wrote one person.

“Do you eat bread, cakes, cereals and eggs? All these things rely on farmers’ crops.”



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