May and Macron plan joint crackdown on online terror : The Guardian

British PM and French president to tackle radicalisation with fines for tech companies that do not take action.

Theresa May will attempt to reassert control over the political agenda by agreeing a new counter-terror strategy with the French president, vowing to fine tech companies such as Facebook and Google if they do not step up efforts to combat online radicalisation.

The prime minister and Emmanuel Macron will launch a joint campaign on Tuesday to tackle online radicalisation, a personal priority of the prime minister from her time as home secretary and a comfortable agenda for the pair to agree upon before Brexit negotiations begin next week.

In particular, the two say they intend to create a new legal liability for tech companies if they fail to remove inflammatory content, which could include penalties such as fines.

The prime minister’s first visit to the Élysée Palace since Macron’s election comes at a time of starkly contrasting fortunes for the two – the French president’s new party, La République En Marche, topped the polls in Sunday’s first round of legislative elections, while the Conservatives lost their majority in the snap general election.

May and Macron will meet at the Élysée Palace on Tuesday afternoon before a working dinner and will then attend the England v France football friendly at the Stade de France in the evening.




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