Millionaire businessman threatened to sack his employees if they voted for Corbyn : Evolve Politics

A Watford-based IT company has been accused of threatening to sack their employees if they dared to vote for Labour during the 2017 General Election.

The company, Storm Technologies Limited, allegedly sent out an email to employees on polling day threatening them on numerous levels if they voted for Labour.

The email stated that:

If by any chance Labour win, we’ll have to re-think a few things here at the company so if you value your job and want to hold onto your hard earned money vote Conservative

He then threatens his staff with classic Tory rhetoric about Labour’s taxation policies, saying:

Security and the ECONOMY needs a strong hand and Corbyn will be a nightmare.

Saying of Corbyn that:

He resents those making good money, wants to hike corporation tax up by 7% immediately, hike higher rate tax payers by another 5%, bring far more people into the 40% tax bracket (and there are a lot of you here at Storm) borrow billions which at some point has to be paid back and will generally send us backwards.

Then, most shockingly, he threatens his employees with the sack should they dare to vote for Labour:

“Labour voters will be made redundant first if Labour do win and things slow down……….



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