Sinn Fein ‘flying MPs to London for Westminster induction amid fears they will topple May’ : Express

SINN FEIN will reportedly send their seven MPs to Westminster in a direct threat to the proposed Tory alliance with the DUP.

Gerry Adams and Theresa May

The Irish Republican party has confirmed their MPs will attend the House of Commons induction day for newcomers, register for allowances and sign up for office space.

Sinn Fein historically opposes Westminster’s jurisdiction in Northern Ireland and its oath to the Queen, so its MPs have abstained from sitting in parliament.

The Tories failure to secure an overall majority in the House of Commons has given the DUP’s 10 MPs a potentially crucial role in keeping Mrs May’s administration afloat.

Mr Corbyn is preparing his own Queen’s Speech which could be read should Mrs May’s version be voted down.

The backing of seven Sinn Fein MPs for Labour would effectively reduce the Tory majority to just four, which might bring the Government to the brink of collapse, the Sun revealed.

If Theresa May fails in her bid to get the Queen’s speech through Parliament it is possible that Mr Corbyn could have the chance to form a minority Labour Government himself.




  1. This is the sort of comment that is extremely worrying, not to mention completely hypocritical. The Tories have a lot to answer for.

    This country went to the dogs the day that Corbyn, McDonnell and their IRA loving pals were let anywhere near office. Having the IRA in Westminster in the form of Sin Fein must be a worry for all MP’s. After all this is the people that hate Britain and already have blood on their hands when they tried to blow up Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet. The thought of British Security Services protecting this bunch of terrorists if they pollute our Parliament fills me with dread. Clearly, Corbyn has been speaking once more to his Marxist brothers!

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  2. Tom Anderson is very scared, he’s very scared indeed.

    It’s amazing what people will grant you, beg you to take even…WHEN THEY’RE VERY VERY SCARED LIKE TOM.

    Ask Al Capone or the Kray Twins, they just needed to turn up and people would trip over themselves to give them what they wanted. Albeit, hoping, praying they don’t ever come back.

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  3. tp sais
    Theresa May’s new partners the Democratic Unionist Party has links to loyalist paramilitary organisations in Northern Ireland.
    But the links are not all in the distant past of the Northern Ireland ‘troubles’.
    In 2015 – just two years ago – the loyalist paramilitary group the UDA attacked a community worker with hammers in his home in front of his wife and children.
    His crime? Objecting to paramilitary thugs taking over community facilities in his village.
    In 2016, two members of the terrorist organisation the Ulster Defence Association were charged and found guilty of the attack.
    The leader of the UDA is a thug called Dee Stitt – who served eight years in prison for conspiracy to murder and possessing a gun.
    Despite his criminal and violent past, Stitt is very close to DUP leader Arlene Foster – who has refused to condemn him:
    oh dear

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