Theresa May losing half her Brexit ministers days before talks with the EU were meant to start : Mirror

Sources confirmed Lord Bridges had resigned while fellow minister David Jones was ditched in a reshuffle – two out of four in the top team.

Theresa May is losing half her Brexit ministers, it emerged tonight just days before talks with the EU were meant to start.

Sources confirmed Lord Bridges, the Exiting the EU Department’s representative in the House of Lords, had resigned to pursue business interests.

Meanwhile David Jones was ditched from a junior ministerial role in a reshuffle as Mrs May reworked her top team.

The two departures mean half of Mrs May’s four ministers in the department will be new to the job as talks unfold.

Those remaining are Brexit Secretary David Davis and junior minister Robin Walker.

And they come despite Mrs May, who is flying to Paris on Tuesday for talks with the new President, repeatedly using the imminent start of talks as a reason to vote for her in the general election.




  1. First two to get some of Theresa’s financial help…

    Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill to get £35,000 pay out each
    Theresa May’s senior advisers Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill will receive payouts of around £35,000 each – despite senior Tory MPs accusing them of being responsible for the party’s poor electoral performance. The aides, who resigned from their roles following the General Election result, were earning a salary of around £140,000, making them entitled to severance pay equivalent to three months’ pay. The generous payout rubbed salt into the wounds of some Conservative politicians who lost their seats. Especially those who felt the pair had been responsible for their failure.

    Read more at:


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