This is a Pip disability assessment: intrusive, humiliating and completely pointless : The Guardian

I have a permanent disability. Even after the election, the Conservative government is forcing people like me through this broken system.

‘So Rob, do you have friends?” I’m wondering what on earth Sharon (not her real name) thinks she might be looking at as she gazes at me. She’s had around seven days of training before this and now, in my living room, I wonder what conclusions she feels she can draw from asking this question.

How do I answer? Do I respond with a puppyish, “Oh yes, us disabled people always have plenty of friends”? Or do I go with a more provocative, “No, us disabled people mostly eat soup in a mug and cry in front of Mrs Brown’s Boys”?

This is the reality of an assessment for personal independence payment, or Pip as it’s known. Despite last week’s election surprise, we still have a Conservative government so millions of British people with permanent, unchanging disabilities will be put through this astronomically expensive and humiliating test to see if they can be thrown off benefits.

If you’re wondering why I’m part of all this, I have ocular albinism and nystagmus, meaning I have exceptionally limited vision.

At the age of 38, I’ve been claiming disability living allowance since I was a teenager. It works out at £5.73 a day, which goes towards paying for taxis, screen magnification software, magnifying glasses and a variety of other utterly prosaic things that enable me to lead as “normal” a life as possible.

And because of my visual impairment, paired with anxiety that requires daily medication, it’s been decided by the Department for Work and Pensions that I must have a home visit to assess my disability in all its permanent, unchanging glory to see if I qualify for the payments that are slowly replacing DLA.



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  1. It really is that dreadful. They ask the most stupid questions, because the in-built software tells them to. I don’t really blame the assessors, I blame the companies. Atos/Capita & Maximus. They took the money from the government and assured them that they could do the job.

    I have recently been on 2 assessments, both seemed to be reasonable people who assessed me. I was lucky enough to be awarded PIP, but still await the outcome for ESA. It really is a lucky dip, dependent upon your assessor and decision maker at Dwp. There is no rhyme or reason to it. It all depends on how well prepared you are.

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