UK Police Commissioner Suggests Armed Vigilantes Could Defend Against Terrorism : Sputnik News

A UK police commissioner has provoked alarm after suggesting Britons who own guns could help defend rural areas against terror attacks. While stopping short of actively recommending such an approach, she believes it a question worth asking. Her comments come days after the 20th anniversary of the country’s wide ranging ban on private gun ownership.

Speaking in a mainstream radio interview, Alison Hernandez, Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner, said the question of whether ordinary people with gun licences could assist in a terrorist crisis. She made the comment during an exchange with a caller to a phone-in program, who asked whether as a licensed gun owner, there would be repercussions if she defended herself with a firearm during a terrorist attack.

Hernandez, a former Conservative election agent, said it was a “very good question” — and that such vigilantism might be a “solution” to some issues.

“I’m just saying, let’s officially have a look at that and see what would be the implications of it. Let’s unpick it a little bit. We work with businesses to keep our communities safe. I’d really be interested in exploring that with the chief constable. These are times that are challenging and I would like to have an official response myself,” Hernandez explained.



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