Letting the Labour right come crawling back could have ruinous results : Socialist Worker

After spending all their energy trying to undermine him many right wing Labour MPs are now willing to return to the fold, but they will still try to drag Labour to the right.

Many right wing Labour MPs were quick to genuflect to Corbyn after the election result last week.

Owen Smith, who tried to replace Corbyn as leader last year, said, “We were hearing people who hadn’t voted for a long while voting Labour yesterday evening.

“They were inspired by the policies, and it has to be said by Jeremy, to vote Labour.”

Several right wingers, who resigned or refused to be members of Corbyn’s shadow cabinet in a bid to unseat him, now graciously say they would join.

Angela Eagle, who resigned from the shadow cabinet to challenge Corbyn last year, said she would “play any part my party should ask of me”. So did hard right MPs Chuka Umunna and Dan Jarvis.

Other MPs clearly couldn’t bring themselves to make the leap.


Chris Leslie said last week’s result was “not good enough,” adding that Labour had missed an “open goal” in not beating May.

Veteran Blairite Mike Gapes said, “My constituents can’t live on humble pie. They need a Labour government. Now.”

Right wing Labour activists are also preparing to resume the ground war against the left.

In a post-election email to the right wing Labour First faction, activist Luke Akehurst said he hoped “the spirit of unity and teamwork” would continue.




  1. “Chris Leslie said last week’s result was “not good enough,” adding that Labour had missed an “open goal” in not beating May.”

    To be fair to Corbyn, he had only 7 weeks to get round England, Scotland and Wales, and undo the damage of negative press, lies and smears from the Tories, and the Tory lite, such as Chris Leslie. With another couple of weeks, I’m sure he would have won, and he may still do yet.

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