Theresa May promises new terror clampdown : Socialist Worker

New terror legislation is reported to be a dead cert in the Tories’ plan for a minority government, whatever else is dropped.

Theresa May said after the election that “cracking down on the ideology of Islamist extremism and all those who support it” will be a priority. That means more powers to harass and spy on Muslims.

In a meeting with French president Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday, May said she wanted to “tackle the terrorist threat online”.

May wants to ban “extremist material” from websites and search engines.

Even more authoritarian plans include setting up a Commission for Countering Extremism—yet more powers to target and spy on Muslims.

Recent police raids in Manchester show the sharp end of what increased repressive powers could mean for Muslims.

Armed police put whole streets on lockdown, raiding houses and arresting 22 people while the press loudly cheered them on.

All 22 were released without charge on Sunday, without much comment from the media.




  1. “That means more powers to harass and spy on Muslims.”

    Anyone who thinks this is about spying on Muslims, is way off beam. This is about government censorship for everyone, especially people who don’t agree with the them, and their plans to impose a Police state.

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