Theresa May’s Tories are ‘on death row & face political wilderness’, axed minister warns : Express

THERESA May’s Tory party “is on death row” and could face political “wilderness”, a former Conservative minister has declared.

Apprenticeships minister Robert Halfon, who previously served as parliamentary private secretary to Mr Osborne, was sacked by the Prime Minister without being given a reason behind his dismissal.

Writing in The Sun, he said: “The Conservative party is on death row. Unless we reform our values, our membership offering and our party infrastructure, we face defeat at the next election – and potentially years of opposition.

“If we don’t change it wouldn’t matter if we had Alexander the Great or the Archangel Gabriel as leader. We face the wilderness.”

In a swipe at the Tory hierarchy and the campaign guru Sir Lynton Crosby, who has been described as a “master of dark political arts”, Mr Halfon claimed the party was devoid of values.

It follows the resignation of Mrs May’s two closest advisors, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, who faced fierce criticism over their role in the mediocre election campaign.

Mr Halfon continued: “Our election campaign portrayed us as a party devoid of values. ‘Strong and stable’ is hardly a battle cry.



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