Tories closed THREE fire stations near #Grenfell – and resisted sprinkler installation


grenfell.pngThe terrible events at the Grenfell Tower block this morning continue, with confirmed fatalities and injuries as well as reports that a number of people are still missing:

The SKWAWKBOX sends its sympathies to everyone affected and salutes the emergency services who, yet again, have put themselves at risk to help those in need.

But the disaster is made even more terrible and tragic by the fact that residents report that the Tories closed no fewer than three fire stations in the area, reducing the resources available to fight the fire and rescue people – and increasing the response time for firefighters who were available.

fire closure.pngA London firefighter devastated at the closure of his station

The stations were part of a…

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  1. Absolutely tragic, what a terrible thing to happen. I’ve been listening to updates all day. One thing for sure, austerity really does kill. Government heads should roll for this.

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    1. Totally horrific.
      13 min ago Guardian…

      “The House of Commons is not sitting this week. Today and tomorrow MPs will be swearing in, a relatively lengthy process because they have to do it one by one.

      But, according to the BBC’s Norman Smith, Jeremy Corbyn is calling for a government statement on the Grenfell Tower fire in parliament tomorrow, if necessary in a committee room.”

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  2. As I thought…arse, he should be in jail that bastard.

    The stations were part of a widespread programme of closures instigated by then-London Mayor and now Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who spouted the usual nonsense about ‘tough decisions’ and claimed,

    Whilst it’s right that tough decisions have to be made in times of economic uncertainty, the mayor is resolute that any agreed proposals will not reduce the capital’s fire cover and target response times will be protected

    The residents at Grenfell and the relatives of those affected will disagree.

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  3. A comment from a Daily Mail reading Tory who thinks he’s funny.
    Double-Standards, London, United Kingdom, 59 minutes ago

    To be honest, I get very VERY angry indeed with rip off landlords renting out death traps like this. There should be a burning desire throughout the political establishment to END this kid of thing forever. Yes we all know managing a property is tough, and sometimes it feels like you are walking over hot coals. But at the end of the day, those in power need to smoke these bad landlords out. Things like this make me VERY hot under the collar and get me really fired up! Its a disgrace!

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    1. Chunky Mark put up a video about the Grenfell tower fire and in the comments section this subhuman posted…

      MarkViduka9 hours ago
      Gordon Ramsey gave the roasting a 9/10

      Loopey ange
      Loopey ange9 hours ago
      MarkViduka not remotely funny – twat.

      Deep Thought
      Deep Thought7 hours ago
      MarkViduka What is wrong with people like you?


  4. I don’t know why Mark doesn’t turn off the comments. He always gets trolls leaving vile comments.

    There are some very sick people in this world.

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