Tory MP and Army veteran blasts Jeremy Corbyn for ‘giving sucker’ to IRA during Troubles : Express

A CONSERVATIVE MP and British Army veteran who served in seven tours of duty in Northern Ireland during the Troubles has accused Jeremy Corbyn of “giving sucker” to the IRA during the conflict.

In an interview with Newsnight, Colonel Bob Stewart said the British public had nothing to fear from a Tory-DUP alliance, and said the DUP was motivated to reach an agreement over fears of a Government led by the Labour leader.

Asked about the Unionists’ motivations, he said it was “the thought that if the Conservatives aren’t in power on the mainland”, Jeremy Corbyn, “who actually gave sucker to the Provisional IRA – sucker, when I was on the ground in Northern Ireland watching my soldiers fighting and losing their lives” would be.

The Beckenham MP added that the Unionists “don’t want that under any circumstances whatsoever”.

Colonel Steward served in the British Army for almost three decades between 1969 and 1996 and worked as an intelligence officer and company commander during the Troubles.

He was also the Incident commander at the Droppin Well bombing in Ballykelly, which killed 17 people.




  1. Some people accuse accuse Corbyn of being a member of common purpose.

    But don’t forget, the same people (Daily mail, Express readers) accuse Corbyn of being a Fascist or a puppet of the new world order.

    There’s a hell of a lot of people out there with strange views.

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