Tory voters clutch at straws as 25k sign voter fraud petition based on a single joke tweet : Evolve Politics

Following the Tories catastrophic general election results, a petition demanding a “full investigation” into students who have allegedly voted twice – “once in their university constituency and once in their home constituency” – has been signed by almost 25,000 people.

The evidence that voting irregularities have taken place? A single Tweet from a young Twitter user reading “I voted 3 times today, twice for #Labour and once for #UKIP. Get out and vote!!”

The Tweet has since been taken down and the person responsible has claimed that it was a joke… not a particularly good one, obviously, but hardly a firm basis for an anti-electoral fraud campaign.

The fine for voting twice in a general election is up to £5,000, and whilst there are cases of it happening at recent general elections, it is so uncommon as to be completely ineffective.

According to a report by the electoral commission, there were just 92 cases of voter fraud reported in the 2015 general election. Of these, only 15 resulted in any action being taken by the police. This amounts to 0.00004% of the total voting population

There is no reason to believe that this would be significantly different today.



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