Grenfell Tower fire: ‘Things like this are going to keep happening if the poor are ignored’ : i News

We found him sitting on the pavement, slumped against the railings of St Clement Church, staring into space. All around him was a whirl of police and fire crews, people carrying boxes and bags of supplies to donate to survivors, locals talking to friends and strangers alike as they tried to comprehend what had happened overnight. But this poor man was still and silent, like he had been knocked over by a passing bike and was suffering from concussion. We crouched down to ask if he was ok. He looked up, revealing watery and bloodshot eyes. Yes, he said, he was all right. Clearly he was anything but. He knew about the refuge centres that had been opened down the road. But although his mother had made it out of Grenfell Tower alive, nobody had heard from his father. And all that made sense to him at that moment, on a bright sunny day 12 hours after the fire had broken out, was to sit down.
While the walking wounded with physical injuries had been taken to hospital, many of those with mental lacerations like this man were still wandering the streets of North Kensington yesterday. Members of the fire service were surely among this traumatised group. Many looked exhausted, their faces sooty from repeatedly entering the building. Selfless heroes Looking out from the windows of the fire engines lined up along Walmer Road, others bore the vacant expressions of selfless heroes who had been through hell but only wished they could have done more. One firefighter, who had arrived at the scene at 1am, said every single crew member who entered the building only came out after rescuing someone who was trapped inside.


  1. It speaks volumes, that Theresa May, didn’t even put out a statement until late yesterday evening, and not one person from the council or social services was on the scene, at the time of the evacuation, to assist the residents.

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  2. All we got – and still getting – was the same old guff.

    Lessons will be learned etc, our thoughts and prayers.

    Well we’re sick fed up with listening to the same old insincere crap.

    Fcuk your thoughts and prayers, JUST BLOODY WELL MAKE SURE IT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.

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