Tory MPs will ‘pull the pin’ on hand grenade if they feel Theresa May betrays Brexit : Express

UP TO 80 Conservative MPs are willing to “pull the pin” on a “hand grenade” if Theresa May wavers on a ‘hard’ Brexit, a professor has said.

Politics professor Tim Bale said Tory MPs would threaten the Prime Minister’s position if she softens her approach to the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Speaking at a Brexit debate, hosted by the Institute for Government, Mr Bale added Mrs May was in a ”fantasy” world if she thought she could do a deal with the Labour party to push an alternative Brexit onto the table, which could include remaining a member of the customs union or single market.

Mr Bale, of Queen Mary University of London, said: “It’s very, very difficult to imagine up to 80 Conservative MPs being willing to do any kind of compromise on this.

“They are the sort of people who will threaten and possibly will actually pull the pin on the hand grenade if they feel she is letting them down or betraying them in any way.

“The idea that somehow she can avoid that problem by doing some sort of deal with the Labour party is a fantasy to be honest.

“I don’t think it’s in Labour’s interest to be seen to be doing a deal with the Conservatives, in the run up to what they assume will be an election reasonably soon.”




  1. They’ve no chance of a hard Brexit, they simply don’t have enough MPs to push it through. The DUP have already said they won’t support hard Brexit, or entertain the idea of a hard border between NI and the Republic. The clock is ticking, May’s days are numbered.

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  2. Some Tory – actually quite a few of them – have said there will be mass discontent, demonstrations, followed by riots and mayhem on the streets if May tries to betray them, or there isn’t a hard Brexit.

    What a load of rubbish, the Tory vote haven’t got the guts to demonstrate or cause mayhem or do anything.
    They will sit down, shut up, and do as they’re told, as they always do.

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