Nicola Sturgeon accused of trying to revive ‘sinking’ independence dream after election mauling : The Telegraph

Nicola Sturgeon has been accused of trying to find a way to revive her “sinking” independence dream despite a new poll showing six out of 10 Scots want her to drop her plan for a second referendum.

The First Minister said she would proceed with “calm reflection in the national interest” about a second referendum after the SNP lost half a million votes and 21 MPs, including Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson, in last week’s General Election.

During fiery exchanges at Holyrood, she accused the Conservatives of being a “shower of charlatans” and Ruth Davidson of being a “one-trick pony” only interested in challenging her on independence.

But Ms Davidson, the Scottish Tory leader, accused her of trying to “find a way to re-float or re-brand” her referendum plan and argued she was not interested in listening to people outside the SNP.

She said the First Minister was hoping to “hunker down” and ignore last week’s election result, in which the SNP won only 37 per cent of the popular vote amid a massive public backlash.

The row broke out after a new poll found only 27 per cent of Scots believe that Ms Sturgeon should press ahead with her referendum plan, 60 per cent oppose the move and 13 per cent have no view.



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