Video: Govt “puts ‘D-notice’ gag” on real #Grenfell death toll #nationalsecurity


This morning, Grime artist Saskilla told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme that he had been told personally by one of the firefighters at Grenfell Tower that around two hundred bodies had already been identified at the scene of the terrifying blaze. The presenter attempted to pour water on the figure, but the musician insisted it was what he was told in person by the firefighter.

The confirmed death toll has increased incrementally since the fire and today rose to thirty.

At the same time, multiple sources told the SKWAWKBOX that the government has placed a ‘D-notice’ (sometimes called a ‘DA Notice’) on the real number of deaths in the blaze:

dnotice.pngIn effect, although voluntary, this amounts to a gag on the mainstream media – and note that it is applied for for reasons of national security only.

The SKWAWKBOX telephoned the Home Office press office to ask directly…

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  1. Extremely worrying development. This will end up like another Dunblane, with the truth buried for 100 years. It is essential that the families demand an inquest rather than a public inquiry, which will give them a voice and some control.

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  2. its obvious to all 30 bodies in this bock found its going to be loads and loads of bodies has I hope most died by smoke inhalation I pray they did not burn but if the tory gov does try to dumb down the real figures then they truly are demons

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