(VIDEO) Grenfell Tower Protesters Storm Kensington Town Hall in London : 21st Century Wire

The death toll from the Grenfell Tower fire in West London continues to rise, as authorities are now indicating the number of residents burned alive may be at least 60 now, as more bodies were found in the stairwells of the high rise. This is not including some of the top floor flats which have yet to be forensically investigated. 

Apparently, Prime Minister Theresa May did try to meet with residents, victims and community leaders, but the visit came to an abrupt end as angry protests chased the prime minister’s car as May made a hasty escape from an irate mob.

Angry residents from the borough of Kensington and Chelsea took to the streets today, as protesters demanding justice after stormed the upper office floors of Kensington Town Hall.

Residents are now openly accusing that mainstream media of intentionally downplaying the death in order to minimise the political fallout for the current ruling Conservative Party in Westminster – a disaster which may end up being the worst post-war urban disaster in Britain. Because of the apparent obfuscation by government and the mainstream media, crowds could be heard chanting, “Don’t trust the media.”

RT International reports: “Members of the media report they are being targeted by angry members of the public. It appears police have attempted to escort council workers from the town hall. Officers on horseback are watching from a short distance away.”



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