EU fear UK underestimates Brexit talks as not ONE of ‘7,000 deals’ have been agreed upon : Express

A STAGGERING 7,000 deals are to be decided as Brexit talks formally start tomorrow – yet none have been agreed upon, it has been reported.

UK officials have drafted up a huge raft of legal and financial issues which must be solved before Britain leaves the EU, including passport rights for citizens.

Eurocrats harbour doubts their British counterparts fully appreciate the true scale of the negotiations and that Theresa May has wasted time since last year’s referendum by holding a snap election.

A Brussels insider told the Mail that British civil servants in the UK Permanent Representation to the EU office had already found “over 7,000 issues that need to be addressed”.

He added: “They are keeping tally and people think of new things every day.”

Mounting to the confusion is that Britain has not yet handed in one ‘position paper’ of what it hopes to achieve from talks – while the EU has.

An EU official told the Mail: “All the questions that are now coming back should have been closed and solved a year ago.

“It’s a layer of uncertainty which is not helpful and the uncertainty will have a drag on the economy.”




  1. May has been dragging her feet on Brexit from the off. She has no intention of taking us out of Europe. As with everything else, it is just a sideshow, she will do or say anything to keep herself in power.

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