#Grenfell residents say SCO-19 armed police on estate. Why?


In the last few days, some news outlets have reported ‘riot police’ manning cordons in the area of Grenfell Tower:

riot pol 1However, neighbours of Grenfell Tower have told the SKWAWKBOX that armed police from the Metropolitan Police’s SCO-19 (formerly SO19) Specialist Firearms Command have been patrolling the estate.

The police in the image above, described as ‘riot police’ by a reporter, are wearing the dark blue caps typical of SCO19 armed officers. Although this is not absolutely definitive, the caps are certainly closely-associated with London’s armed police:

blue hats.pngPolice officers wearing baseball caps typical of SCO-19 on a cordon near Grenfell Tower

bluehat.pngOne young resident of the area alleges that an armed officer thrust the barrel of his weapon into his throat when the young man became frustrated at not being allowed to pass and go about his business.

The Metropolitan Police press office initially told the SKWAWKBOX that no armed police…

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  1. The people are rightfully very angry and want to protest, and so far, the demonstrations have passed fairly peacefully, in spite of the right wing press trying to aggravate the situation with their victim blaming headlines.

    I do hope, that the residents don”t play into the government’s hands, by becoming violent. This is what they are expecting, and wanting, and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they have agitators amongst the crowds, trying to start up trouble.

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    1. Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council seem to want to anger people with acts like this…

      “#KCBC: ‘if you accept temporary flats, you’re off rehoming list’ #Grenfell.
      Residents say that those who have been offered the free temporary accommodation have been told by the council that if they accept the offer, they will be removed from the council’s rehoming list – even though it’s clear that it’s only temporary.”


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