‘Tower blocks could be torn down’ – Sadiq Khan : The Telegraph

High-rise tower blocks dating from the 1960s and 1970s could be torn down in the wake of the deadly Grenfell Tower fire, London mayor Sadiq Khan said.

Writing in the Observer, Mr Khan it may well be the “defining outcome of this tragedy that the worst mistakes” of that era become a thing of the past.

Thirty people have been confirmed dead following the devastating inferno in north Kensington, with a further 28 missing presumed dead.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan meets residents while visiting Grenfell Tower, 

Mr Khan said the images of the 24-storey building being ravaged by fire “should be forever seared into our nation’s collective memory”.

He said: “Little can compare in recent times to a tragedy on this scale – the response from the local authority has simply not been good enough. Residents feel abandoned by those with the power – the council and government.

“This is a national tragedy with national consequences. What emerges in the coming weeks and months will be very difficult for many people, including politicians and organisations, but we must get to the truth.




  1. There isn’t any need to tear down the tower blocks, and where would they house the tenants?

    What they need to do, is to invest money to make them safe. Install sprinklers, fire alarms, fire escapes etc, and have regular fire safety checks and fire drills, so that everyone is aware of how to evacuate the building safely.

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    Maybe it is time for residents of high rise flats, to have in place an emergency response team. Set in place for added safety of others. Following along the idea of the Neighborhood watch, in fighting crime and such. All Volunteers that work in a good cause. It would only use ONE apartment to use as a rapid response team.

    Just a thought.

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