Watch as ‘foodbank’ nurse is confronted over TV comments while dining in Edinburgh restaurant : Daily Record.

Claire Austin has been targeted by independence supporters since grilling Nicola Sturgeon on Question Time.

A nurse smeared after grilling Nicola Sturgeon in a TV debate has suffered more harassment from independence supporters.

Claire Austin criticised the First Minister over NHS pay in a live BBC debate, claiming she had been forced to use a food bank.

It later emerged she had enjoyed a recent holiday at an exclusive hotel in New York and was a fan of fine dining although friends and family may have paid for the treats.

People then questioned whether Claire, 50, had actually used a food bank and she was subjected to vile abuse on social media.

SNP MP Joanna Cherry was later forced to apologise after she repeated a false rumour that the Edinburgh nurse was married to a Tory councillor.

And in a new attack, Claire has been harassed while eating in an Edinburgh restaurant with a friend.

She is described as “Tory scum” by a person confronting her and recording her on a mobile phone.

The person said: “You were lying. This is a nice swanky dinner in a posh Edinburgh restaurant in St Andrew Square. This woman was lying on Question Time. You were lying. You are Tory scum.”

The video has been circulated on social media by independence supporters and viewed thousands of times. Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said: “This kind of harassment is completely unacceptable.

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  1. Jeez, the poor woman. Unless people know her circumstances, leave her alone.

    I once had to go to a foodbank, a few years ago, not my fault, but DWP cock-up.

    Last week, I went to nice restaurant for meal. My daughter treated me. I still don’t have any money though.

    People’s circumstances change from week to week, don’t judge anyone for having to use a foodbank.

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  2. The accusation is…that she has never been to a foodbank at all, and never been in the position of having to use a foodbank, but was trying to put the blame on the existence of foodbanks – and the poor pay of nurses in the NHS – on the SNP.
    As a diversion to blaming the Tories.

    She’s also accused of being a member of the Conservative party, and there is an allegation her husband is a Tory Councillor.

    If these allegations are really true, then she is a SKANK and a CHARLATAN, and it’s difficult, almost impossible to believe she can be in any way impartial.

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