Theresa May on brink as PM faces hour by hour battle to cling on to power in Downing Street : Daily Record

Self-inflicted wounds have done for Tory chief after she mishandled Grenfell fire tragedy and Tory election campaign.

Theresa May is facing an hour by hour battle to cling on as Prime Minister after mishandling both the Grenfell fire tragedy and the Tory General Election campaign.

The PM spent yesterday licking her self-inflicted wounds as Tory vultures circled around what was left of her premiership.

Cabinet colleagues are prepared to oust May if she loses votes on this week’s Queen’s speech – and Chancellor Philip Hammond stuck the knife in yesterday by undermining her.

In what could be the beginning of a leadership bid, Hammond said the UK would benefit from a transitional deal on a slope out of Europe, rather that the hard Brexit cut-off May has proposed.

But the PM is getting it from both sides – with Brexiteer Tory MPs reported to be prepared to challenge her with a vote of confidence if she retreats from her hard-line strategy.

David Jones, the recently sacked Brexit minister, said trying to stay in the single market or the customs union would be an “absolute betrayal of trust.”

The sidelined chancellor re-asserted his authority with a highly critical assessment of May’s election campaign which, he said, should have focused more on the economy.



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