‘Tory councillor’ beaten by Grenfell Tower protesters revealed to be volunteer who helped the victims : The Telegraph

A man who was mistaken for a Tory councillor and beaten up by activists who stormed Kensington Town Hall in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy has been left injured and badly shaken by the incident.


Robert Outram, 56, had spent much of last week volunteering at the makeshift shelters set up to help victims of the deadly blaze.

But the father of two, a financial consultant whose firm is employed by Kensington and Chelsea Council, was at the council offices when despair turned into angry protests on Friday.

Dressed in a suit, he was apparently deemed a legitimate a target by protesters who set upon him, pushing him to the ground and pouring water on him.

He said he and a colleague were suddenly attacked as they entered the building after someone shouted “It’s them two”.

​His wife, Angela Outram, said: “He got a big bang on the head, he was thumped, he’s been left with a lump on the side of his head. He was really shaken up by it all.



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