Grenfell Tower homeless survivors ‘PUBLICLY DENIED emergency cash funds’ following tragedy : Express

KENSINGTON and Chelsea council have been accused of “degrading” Grenfell Tower survivors after some were publicly denied their cash relief payments.

While some residents successfully received their handouts at Westway Sports Centre and Portobello Road Post Office yesterday, others were turned away as it was wrongly claimed they were not listed to receive money.

Households who lost their homes were set to receive a minimum of £5,000 paid into their bank account and given £500 in cash, the Times reports.

Residents who lived on Grenfell Walk, the road leading to the tower, were also deemed entitled to a stake of the £5 million emergency pot because they may not be able to return to their homes for some time.

But some families were forced to walk away from local centres empty handed.

Khatija Sacranie, a Grenfell Legal Support worker condemned the cash payment process, said: “These are relatives of victims and survivors who have been made to queue out in the open in full view of everyone.

“It is demeaning and degrading. The process has not been respectful. It could have been done better.

“People have been going without letters because they didn’t receive one, lists of names and addresses don’t match up. We’ve had people entitled to payments being turned away.”



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  1. It says the council, and therefore the council are deemed responsible, but any money says the job – and therefore responsibility – was placed in the hands of a low grade civil servant (read politician) in the DWP…who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow.

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