Ireland won’t sign any Brexit deal unless Good Friday Agreement is protected : i News

Ireland will block any Brexit deal that does not “fully” protect the Good Friday Agreement, according to the country’s new foreign minister.
Simon Coveney, in Stormont for talks to reinstate powersharing in Northern Ireland, warned that the Irish government would insist on finding a solution that protects its terms in full.
Ireland, as one of 27 remaining EU member states, has the right to block a Brexit deal in its national parliament.
“We have a Good Friday Agreement, which is also an international legal document that needs to be respected in the context of Brexit negotiations,” Mr Coveney told RTE, Ireland’s state broadcaster.
“That makes it very complicated, but it’s something that we have to, and I will, insist on being the case.

‘Protect the peace process fully’

“Ireland will not sign off on a Brexit deal unless we protect the Good Friday Agreement fully, unless we protect the peace process fully, and unless we protect the normalisation that has been created over a number of decades on the island of Ireland in terms of the relationship between north and south. Theresa May has said that her government is committed to the Good Friday Agreement, which established the post-Troubles institutions of Northern Ireland.
But there are difficulties which must be overcome to allow the deal to remain valid when Britain leaves the European Union.



  1. This is the way politics works, and why? unfortunately people have been conditioned to be happier this way. They are happier to believe an easy lie than accept a hard reality, and who can blame them? We are bombarded with problems and hazards, no wonder people say “oh just get on with it”.

    The conservatives are the past masters of this kind of politics, they make promises then never follow through with their promises, the conservatives are then backed up by the media to support their lie and rubbish the alternative. Then the media cover for them when the lie is revealed. The general public are so stressed and tired of following the deliberately muddled and confused argument they just get on with their lives saying “*sigh* oh well we all know politicians are liars”

    This would be bad enough if it were an accident but these are deliberately designed tactics to control us into doing what they want.

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