The SNP would be fickle and unreliable friends of any radical Labour administration : Morning Star

The SNP is more right-wing than many might think – this needs to be taken into account amid any talk of a ‘progressive alliance,’ writes STEPHEN LOW

LAST Wednesday the SNP elected an investment banker to lead their MPs, on Thursday in Edinburgh they unveiled a Thatcherite set of reforms for schools; neither of these though was the low point of their week.

That was Tuesday when they voted with the Tories to mutilate puppies, yes actual puppies.

The timing of these events is coincidental, but they tell us quite a lot about a party that might one day soon feel it has to put Jeremy Corbyn into office, but definitely doesn’t want him in anything resembling power.

Like the Tories across the rest of the UK, the SNP in Scotland came top in votes and seats and, like the Tories, it is finding the fruits of victory tasting less than entirely sweet.

The necessity of electing a new Westminster group leader stems from the loss of Angus Robertson, one of those culled as the Tories made an almost clean sweep of the SNP’s north-eastern heartlands.

Nationalists mutter darkly that these and other losses stem from a tactical voting campaign on the part of anti-independence parties. The truth, however, is much more mundane.



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