The Tories don’t care for the health and safety of the poor : Morning Star

We must campaign for justice for the victims of this terrible tragedy, says BERNADETTE HORTON

I WATCHED in absolute horror as the tragedy of Grenfell Tower unfolded.

Every sinew in my body ached in despair and then screamed at the sheer loss of life and coupled with it, the sheer lack of humanity from a Tory government, which, quite frankly, views this tragedy as an inconvenience to the Brexit negotiations.

The fire is a total distraction from what they want to get on with: showing the world just how “tough” Theresa May can be as she extricates Britain from the European Union.

The awful scenes on TV took me back to a personal horror of mine. In 1991 under John Major’s regime, intrest rates sky-rocketed to 15 per cent, which led to over 75,000 houses being repossessed. Mine was one of them.

And on the same day my house was taken away from me, I found out that I was pregnant with my second son.

Soon after that, all our worldly goods were packed into a van and we headed over to a B&B.

My then husband, our three-year-old son and I were shown a room in the B&B which could barely fit a bed.

We came to know the other people in the hotel and they were all homeless and waiting on the council house list, which at the time was 12-months long. In the end we waited three years to be rehoused.



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