DUP puts Tory deal in doubt as it warns Theresa May: ‘Don’t take us for granted’ : i News

Theresa May is facing the prospect of unveiling a slimmed-down Queen’s Speech on Wednesday without a guaranteed Commons majority for her two-year programme for government. The embattled Prime Minister suffered a setback after new doubts were raised over the proposed deal between the Conservatives and Democratic Unionist Party to shore up her minority administration.

It came as Mrs May faces pressure from Tory MPs furious that she lost the party’s majority with her snap general election gamble and critical of her clumsy response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Talks between the Tories and the DUP have been underway since the election resulted in a hung parliament, and Downing Street even wrongly announced 10 days ago that agreement had been reached.



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  1. Who remembers the 2010 election? a very very similar result. A PM trying desperately to hang on in power but with one striking difference. The media, a constant stream ridicule Brown and calls for him to steep down. Odd then they are giving May such an easy ride allowing her a seemingly unlimited length of string with which to try tie her party together and keep them in power.

    Can there be a more striking example of media bias and the public’s complete apathy to it?

    The other noticeable thing between those two results is how other parties are always happy to do a pact with the conservatives. It could have been argued that the other parties has a ‘lust for power’, but after seeing how the Liberal Democrat’s suffered both at the hands of the conservatives and the voting public during and after the coalition could that ever be claimed again? The only rational answer is every possible opportunity is offered to the conservatives purely to benefit them and keep them in power.


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