The Tories are in crisis, now finish them off : Socialist Worker

Pressure was piling on Theresa May this week as her government tottered from crisis to crisis.

One Tory minister was quoted last weekend saying, “She had better pull up her socks and start to lead—and if she can’t do that she should go. Shape up or ship out.”

May has been in talks with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party’s (DUP) to secure a majority in parliament ahead of this week’s queen’s speech,

But no deal with these vile bigots had been announced as Socialist Worker went to press.

May will face votes on the queen’s speech on 28 June, with Labour pledged to put forward alternative proposals. This is when the crunch tests could come.

It is crucial that protests grow to make sure that, despite her weaknesses, May does not limp on to force through further brutal measures.


Daniella, who joined a 1,500-strong protest outside Downing Street last Saturday, told Socialist Worker, “We need to get Theresa May out—and we need another general election”.

May did her best to avoid ordinary people during her stage-managed general election campaign.

But whenever she was forced to come into contact with them, May was hounded by angry hecklers and protests.



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