Two in three support £5 a week child benefit increase : Welfare Weekly

Poll reveals a strong public appetite to lift poverty-stricken Scottish children out of hardship and destitution.

Close to two in three people living in Scotland back calls for the Scottish Government to increase Child Benefit by £5 per child per week, according to a new survey by poverty campaigners.

A poll carried out on behalf of the Poverty Alliance shows support among the general public to increase Child Benefit as a means to hopefully reduce child poverty levels in Scotland.

Research suggests that as many as one in four children in the UK will be living in households whose combined income is below 60% of the median UK household income in only a few years – the poverty-line.

Figures also show a stark increase in the number of working households living in poverty, as wage growth stagnates and living costs continue to rise.

 A survey of 1,037 people found that 36% ‘strongly support’ increasing Child Benefit by £5 per dependent child in a household, while a further 29% ‘somewhat agreed’ with the proposal.

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