Controversial benefits firm behind despised assessments changes name : Daily Record.

Atos Healthcare, who carried out assessments on behalf of the DWP that affected vulnerable Scots’ benefits, are now called Independent Assessment Services.

Atos has changed its name to Independent Assessment Services (Photo: Philippe Wojazer)

The firm which carried out assessments on behalf of the DWP that led to some disabled Scots losing their benefits have changed their name.

Atos Healthcare, who previously carried out the work capability assessments for the Department for Work and Pensions, are now called Independent Assessment Services.

The company will take up their new title to deliver the contract for Personal Independent Payments assessments for the DWP, along with Capita.

French-owned Atos had ditched their £500million Government contract after years of controversy.

The Daily Record was instrumental in having the tests scrapped, after lifting the lid on countless cases in which vulnerable people lost their benefits.

Read More : Daily Mail.



  1. It doesn’t really matter what name they call themselves. Having an assessment with them, is a random game of chance. Most people will be denied access to the benefits they are entitled to, very rarely, they will come across a decent assessor, who will correctly score them. It’s a disgrace that the government are still getting away with it.

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  2. A change of name will make no matter. They are still the scum we know them as.

    A lot of people will know who they really are. What is the point.

    Maybe it will bring the shares up for the shits that scrape the barrel of gold. 😉 Shares in ATOS have been poor in recent times. It needs a change in direction. Ha ha bloody ha.

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    1. They are probably also anticipating a change of government in the near future. Corbyn has made no secret of the fact that he wants to ditch these assessments, and bring them back in house.

      I wouldn’t be surprised, if they have signed a new contract under their new name, putting in place a compensation package, to their advantage, should the contract be ended early.

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