Daily Mail Branded An ‘Open Sewer’ After Tabloid Launches Extraordinary Attack On The Guardian : Huffington post.

‘Absolutely wonderful. I’ve got tears in my eyes.’


The Daily Mail is embroiled in a spat with the Guardian, which it has branded the real “purveyors of hate” in a highly-charged dispute that has delighted the left-leaning newspaper’s staff and supporters.

On Wednesday the Mail promoted its attack on the front page – ‘Fake news, the fascist left and the REAL purveyors of hate’ – before devoting an entire page – juxtaposed next to an article detailing the “colourful sex lives of butterflies’ – to defending itself.

The scrap was ignited by a Guardian cartoon printed on Monday that depicted the aftermath of the Finsbury Park mosque attack that saw eleven people injured after a van ploughed into worshippers earlier that morning.

Darren Osborne, 47, is being questioned on suspicion of commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism, including murder and attempted murder.

The cartoon, by Martin Rowson, featured a white van emblazoned with ‘Read The Sun & Daily Mail’, and was a sanitised replica of the crime scene photo of the attack, as seen below.

Rowson has since been praised for “pissing off” Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre with one commenter writing online that he has “never been prouder of him”.

The Mail’s attack on the Guardian, which it began by apologising for, acknowledging that its readers “are not interested in our differences with other newspaper, which inevitably risk being seen as self-obsessed naval gazing”, prompted a gleeful response from its target and those who support it.

The Mail editorial reads:

“But this week the Guardian published a cartoon so sick and disgusting – so deranged and offensive to the four million decent, humane and responsible people who read us – that we owe it to every one to lay to rest this malicious smear.”

The Mail continued by explaining the “implication” of the cartoon, despite then saying it was as “unmistakable as it was poisonous”.

“The Guardian was telling its followers that the Daily Mail and its readers are vicious bigots with the blood of innocent, peace-loving Muslims on their hands.”

Read More : Huffington Post.


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