Outrage as ‘selfish’ wealthy homeowners criticise move to rehouse homeless Grenfell Tower families in a £2billion luxury block in Kensington : Daily Mail.

  • Some rich residents say the decision to move in Grenfell residents is ‘so unfair’ and will hit prices of flats 
  • City of London Corporation has purchased 68 flats in a luxury apartment block for some survivors
  • Developer St Edward sold the flats at ‘cost’ price even though they have a market value of around £160million
  • Some apartments in the new block – which boasts a swimming pool and gym – go for more than £8million 
  • Around 250 people – around half Grenfell’s population – will move into luxury flats 1.5 miles from disaster zone 
  • Theresa May has apologised for the failures by local and national government in responding to the fire.

‘Selfish’ residents of the exclusive £2billion luxury Kensington development set to house 250 Grenfell Tower fire survivors have been slammed after branding the decision to take the bereft and homeless in as ‘so unfair’.

The 68 one, two and three bedroom properties have been bought for £10million and will provide refuge for families who lost everything in the blaze that killed 79 people a week ago.

Apartments in the Kensington Row development are currently on the market for between £1.5million and £8.5 million and some residents are angry because Grenfell survivors haven’t ‘worked hard for it’.

Resident Maria, who bought her flat two years ago told the Guardian: ‘It’s so unfair. We paid a lot of money to live here, and we worked hard for it. Now these people are going to come along, and they won’t even be paying the service charge’.

Other uncharitable residents have said families, many of whom lost everything in the fire, will use it as a money-making exercise and just rent them out on the private market.

Nick, who lives in a one-bed flat in the complex, said: ‘Who are the real tenants of Grenfell Tower? It seems as though a lot of flats there were sublet. Now the people whose names are on the tenancies will get rehoused here, and then they’ll rent the flats out on the private market’.

From the end of July Grenfell Tower survivors will now live near multi-millionaires in a sought-after complex which boasts a cinema, swimming pool and gym.

Edmond, who was laying parquet floors in the block last night said:  ‘It’s not going to happen, trust me. You can write what you like, but trust me, money rules the world. People like me are going to live here? Never.’

But others renting flats welcomed the decision.

AJ, who moved two months ago, said: ‘There are great facilities – a pool, cinema, gym, spa. The fire was dreadful, I had friends living there. We gave stuff, and went up and helped for a couple days last week. In my eyes everyone should be equal.’

Jaime Paul said: ‘These flats are being wasted. There are so many empty ones. People who are worried about the values of their homes are just being selfish.’

Developer St Edward has sold the 68 flats at ‘cost’ price even though they have a market value of around £160million.

The flats have been bought by the Corporation of London, which will run them as part of its social housing stock.

New Kensington MP Emma Dent Coad said she understands the housing that has been allocated to the survivors was always set aside for social housing within the private development.

According to planning documents there were 63 flats to be set aside for affordable housing – only five fewer than the number bought for Grenfell survivors.

Ms Dent Coad told MailOnline: ‘In other words, rather than the council creating additional social homes, they’re putting survivors into homes that may have already been allocated to other people.

‘So people would have bought the homes in the full knowledge that there would be social housing on that site. That’s how development works.’

The 250 Grenfell residents – around half of its population – are currently in hotels or in extreme cases believed to be sleeping rough in parks or in their cars.

Read More : Daily Mail.



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