David Dimbleby just threw a guy out of the Question Time audience for shouting at a Tory minister : Daily Mirror.

The TV veteran was so irritated by the man’s constant interruptions, he had him removed.

David Dimbleby threw a rowdy audience member out of BBC Question Time tonight, after he repeatedly shouted at a Tory minister.

The audience member, who identified himself as a Jeremy Corbyn supporter, questioned whether Theresa May had legitimacy as Prime Minister after failing to get a majority.

He ranted: “ Jeremy Corbyn has proven that anti-austerity policies are popular! The Tories and the Blairites lost that election.”

But as Justice Secretary David Lidington tried to defend the struggling Tory government, he repeatedly interrupted him and other panellists, shouting out for the rich and corporations to be taxed more heavily.

Dimbleby tried to calm the man down, saying: “I know you have your views. You’re one person in an audience of 150, I don’t want you taking over this programme. He’s speaking, let him speak.”

But as Lidington attempted to explain about the Tories’ need to find a solution to the social care crisis, the man shouted out again, calling for corporation tax to be increased.

Read More : Daily Mirror.



  1. I’m sure they plant these useful idiots in the audience, to discredit Corbyn, and ensure that everyone thinks that all his supporters are like this man.

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