Desperate man cries at food bank after eating his first proper meal in two weeks : Daily Mirror.

Charity staff said the man sobbed as he ate a chilli as food bank referrals more than triple in the space of a year despite a 50 per cent funding cut.

Food bank officials have told how a man burst into tears after he ate his first proper meal in two weeks.

Charity staff at The Store House in Skegness, Lincolnshire, say demand for food parcels is soaring with referrals more than tripling since May last year.

Co-ordinator Debby Harland said a man broke down in tears after he arrived on Wednesday having not eaten a proper meal for a fortnight, Lincolnshire Live reports.

She said: “He just had a chilli and sobbed that he had eaten.

“In that position, something so simple can make them break into tears.

The man cried on Wednesday at The Store House, officials said (Photo: Lincolnshire Live)

“It’s awful to see that but we do form relationships. We do get to care about these people. We are human.

“It gets to me. Sometimes I have to go and take a moment to gather myself.

“It makes you grateful for what you have got.”

Since May last year, the number of food parcels, allocated to the homeless and those in need, has risen from 49 to 170 this year.

Debby added: “Funding to us went down by 50 per cent and referrals went up by 100 per cent,” she said.

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  1. yet on it goes when are the people going to awake from their slumber its unbelievable how this government has gotten away with this denying the basic rights to welfare unbelievable so yet more to get abused until that day they rise and say no more Christians are not our government but devils of greed that which rules this country


  2. How can starving someone be justified, even amongst the most hard hearted of people?

    In what way can this encourage someone to work harder, or look harder for work?

    It’s ironic, that this government dictates to other countries about human rights, but denies its own citizens the same rights.

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