‘Not all heroes wear capes’ Jeremy Corbyn gets rockstar reception at Glastonbury Festival and stole the show on Pyramid Stage : Daily Record.

The Labour leader drew what looked to be the biggest crowd at the festival in years as he introduced politically-charged US act Run The Jewels with a rousing stage speech.

Jeremy Corbyn got a hero’s welcome at Glastonbury as he introduced US hip-hop duo Run The Jewels with a rousing speech.

The Labour leader took to the Pyramid Stage at 4pm on Saturday afternoon and drew what is considered to be the biggest crowd of any act in years as hundreds of supporters chanted “Oh Jeremy Corbyn”.

Punters were flying flags bearing Corbyn’s name, T-shirts featuring his face and even a sand sculpture depicting him dressed in fox hunting garb, riding a fox through fields of wheat towards Prime Minister Theresa May .

Jeremy Corbyn depicted in fox-hunting garb (Photo: Getty)

In his 20-minute address he tackled the refugee crisis, global warming, youth issues and social justice and called for “a world of human rights, peace, justice and democracy all over the planet.”

He also managed a dig at US president Donald Trump, asking him to “build bridges and not walls.”

Read More : Daily Record.


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