‘I don’t want to steal but my kids need to eat’: Mum-of-four reveals why she stole from supermarkets : Daily Mirror.

The mother says she has been caught by police with trolleys full of food outside supermarkets.

A mum-of-four stuck in poverty says desperation to feed her hungry children drove her to steal.

Rachel – not her real name – was spoke about her theft at stores including Asda at a Changing Lives charity event which she says has completely turned her life around.

The Kirby, Merseyside, mum said:

“I’ll be honest, I have been into supermarkets and I’ve walked out with trolleys full of food and I’ve been caught by the police.

“I’ve been on a tag for it because I walked out of the Asda – but I have to feed my children, you know.

“It’s hard and I will go and do it. I don’t want to do it. If my kids need to eat, what do you do?”

The mum has walked out of supermarkets with trolleys of food (Photo: Getty)

Her story underlines the severity of food poverty in Merseyside where the Liverpool has launched a Share Your Lunch Holiday Hunger.

Thousands of children are set to go hungry when the long summer holidays kick in and school meals disappear.

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  1. scroungers scroungers are cry from bbc channels 4 and 5 scroungers papers no diff yet peoples now feeling the torys hands many many many are left to fend for themselves all because they want to inflict austerity on the poor

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  2. I don’t blame her. I would have done the same, if I had of had nothing to feed my kids with.

    There’s no magic money tree, or so they keep telling us, but they’ve just found a spare £1.5bn to give the DUP, to cling onto power.

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