UK’s biggest union says it’s time former RBS boss Fred Goodwin faced court over the bank’s collapse : Daily Record.

Following the announcement Barclays bosses will face criminal proceedings over the bank’s conduct, Unite says RBS should be taken to task too.

Britain’s biggest union have called for disgraced RBS boss Fred “The Shred” Goodwin to follow Barclays executives into the dock over his bank’s calamitous collapse.

Unite claim Goodwin and other RBS bosses were let off the hook over the way shareholders were allegedly duped into a £12billion rights cash grab as the bank ­teetered on the brink.

The call was made after Barclays and four of their leaders were charged with criminal offences following a five-year investigation by the Serious Fraud Office.

Many believe alleged misdeeds by Barclays fall short of what went on at RBS, whose ­infamous ­turnaround division, Global ­Restructuring Group (GRG), face ­paying £400million in claims from 16,000 businesses exploited by bankers.

Unite national officer for finance Dominic Hook believes it was Goodwin and his ­cronies who caused the financial meltdown of 2008 – but got off scot-free.

Unite boss Dominic Hook says Goodwin and his associates are to blame for the UK’s financial crash (Photo: UGC)

Goodwin , 58, spends his days ­playing golf and ­tinkering with old cars at his Edinburgh ­mansion while drawing a £342,500-a-year pension.

Yet he was the man at the wheel when RBS expanded aggressively to become the world’s largest company by assets and the fifth-largest bank by stock market value.

He was also in charge as the bank, together with Fortis and Banco ­Santander, audaciously bought Dutch bank ABN Amro from under the nose of Barclays in 2007, a deal many believe led to RBS’s near ruin a year later when they were forced into a £45billion government bailout to save them from collapse.

The worst that Goodwin has faced is the humiliation of ­having his knighthood stripped from him in 2012.

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  1. He should have been jailed at the time. He’s had nearly 10 years of freedom and a fabulous pension, while the rest of us have suffered from austerity to pay for his crime.

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  2. Anarchists fanning the flames

    Within hours of the attack, anarchists across Britain expressed their delight at the damage to the Goodwin property.

    One, Ian Bone, wrote on his blog: ‘Top f****** work comrades!’ Sir Fred’s head has been shown superimposed on the blocks of a bloodstained guillotine by an anarchist newspaper.

    The image, on the front page of the latest edition of Class War, is part of a campaign to encourage chaos in the City of London when the leaders of industrialised nations meet at the G20 summit next week. A previous edition shows a picture of a group holding burning torches.

    The caption reads: ‘How to keep warm during the credit crunch … burn a banker.’….lol


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