Grenfell Tower fire shows up everything wrong with our system—it’s time to end it : Socialist Worker.

Residents of Grenfell Tower and their supporters are fighting for justice

Residents of Grenfell Tower and their supporters are fighting for justice (Pic: Guy Smallman)

The fire at Grenfell Tower has become such a focus not just because of the appalling loss of life. It sums up everything that is wrong in Britain.

It is about gross inequality, the remoteness of the political elite and social cleansing from rich neighbourhoods.

It’s about the racism that further shapes how the poor are treated, the bitter results of austerity—and class.

It has highlighted greedy developers, a system that says business must be let rip and regulation swept away, and a council that abandons its ordinary residents. Never more so than when they needed help after the fire.

The fire would always have been revelatory. But it has become central and potentially transforming because people are fighting back.

Instead of “dignified” silence and acceptance the residents and their supporters have chosen the dignity of struggle.

Our social system encourages a mindset that decides to save £2 a square metre by choosing cladding that is banned in the US and Germany because it is so flammable.

And that cladding was also chosen partly to make the tower more pleasing to the eyes of the rich in the gentrifying neighbourhood.

Those responsible must now pay. After every terror incident the police smash down doors and drag off those they deem potentially connected.

It is quite possible that more people died in Grenfell than in all the terror incidents in Britain in the last 15 years. But nobody is hustled off for questioning.

They should be rounding up the Tory cabinet ministers and MPs who made the life-destroying cuts. They should arrest the suited money men who saw the area as just a chance to make profit.

Yesterday, chancellor Philip Hammond said the cladding used at Grenfell was illegal for such a building. Why has noboody been arrested?

Read More : Socialist Worker.


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