Defenceless homeless man beaten by pub doorman in senseless attack caught on camera : Mirror.

The homeless victim had “clear injuries” after the Wetherspoons bouncer launched his attack which left passersby in Birmingham shocked but no one was able to stop assailant.

Wetherspoons Doorman sacked after brutal attack on homeless

A pub doorman has been filmed repeatedly punching and kicking a homeless man in front of horrified witnesses.

The attacker has now been sacked by Wetherspoons bosses at the Soloman Cutler who condemned the mobile phone footage shot in Birmingham as “totally unacceptable”.

At one stage the bouncer moves and attempts to stop the clash as the victim tries to protect himself from the flurry of blows raining down on him in the clip, Birmingham Mail reports .

The mobile phone footage captures around 25 seconds of the attack, which is understood to have taken place at around 7.45pm on Saturday.

The attacker leans over the victim, who lies on the ground on top of a bike.

Read More : Daily Mirror.




  1. ‘A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police confirmed officers are investigating the incident but said no arrests had yet been made.’

    I wonder if any arrests would have been made if an MP had been given a kicking?

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