Samantha Cameron ‘couldn’t afford designer clothes’ due to mortgage and childcare worries : Express.

FORMER Prime Minister David Cameron’s wife has revealed her money worries were so severe she was left unable to buy designer clothes.

Samantha Cameron, who set up womenswear brand Cefinn in July last year, said she was inspired to set up the label after mortgage and childcare payments stretched her budget after her husband left Downing Street.

Cefinn, which is more expensive than High Street brands but cheaper than designer labels, came out of a “very personal need”, according to Mrs Cameron, who has previously worked as a consultant and creative director for luxury goods manufacturer Smythson.

At the FoundHER Festival for Women entrepreneurs, she said: “I had been working in the luxury/fashion business for a long time and didn’t have disposable income, with childcare and mortgage etc, to buy designer clothes.

Read More : Daily Express.



  1. The money I live on for a year would not even cover the cost of one of their parties. The ides she has to juggle money to be able to afford life makes me laugh.

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