Theresa May’s ‘magic money tree’ wasn’t there for victims of Grenfell and others who needed it most : Mirror.

The Prime Minister has scraped together £1bn to spend on a deal with the DUP – but just 24 days ago she told a struggling nurse money doesn’t grow on trees.

A firefighter who battled the Grenfell Tower blaze has been told he will only receive a 1% pay rise (Photo: PA)

If only someone had told 61-year-old Sandra, working three cleaning jobs to support her disabled son, and Mike, a milkman so ill he
collapsed at work, about the Magic Money Tree.

They ended up going to a food bank instead.

We’re told there’s no money for families like theirs. Nor for any of our hard-pressed nurses or other public sector workers denied a pay rise on Wednesday.

No Magic Money Tree for the firefighters who went back in again and again to the flames of Grenfell Tower .

Nor for the extraordinary police officer Wayne Marques, who saved lives by repeatedly swinging at terrorists with his baton during the London Bridge attack, despite being stabbed in the head.

People are increasingly being forced to rely on food banks, like this one in Wandsworth (Photo: Getty)

It seems unimaginable, but Tory MPs were seen actually cheering in the chamber on Wednesday as they defeated a Labour amendment to end the 1% cap on public sector pay rises and better fund emergency services.

The following morning, a new report from Oxford University showed Britain is now facing a hunger emergency even greater than previously understood.

That both things should happen in the same week Theresa May managed to find £1.5billion down the back of the treasury sofa to bribe the homophobic, anti-women Democratic Unionist Party to prop up her weak and unstable government beggars belief.

The Magic Money Tree is a strange species it seems, and only grows in Ulster.

Read More : Daily Mirror.


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