MPs reveal horrific spate of personal abuse during election campaign – including vandalised offices, smashed windows and posters defaced by swastikas : Daily Mail.

  • During the last general election, several MPs were subjected to personal abuse
  • MP Sheryll Murray said that her election posters were defiled with swastikas 
  • A man urinated in her office doorway before shouting: ‘F*** you Sheryll Murray
  • MP Andrew Rosindell, saw the windows of his car smashed by a man on a moped


Tory MP Sheryll Murray remembers an era when politics was genuinely kinder and gentler; when even passionate adversaries abandoned their differences when they left the debating chamber.

‘I’ve always believed you don’t need to be aggressive to win your cause,’ she says. ‘Right from the days when I served on our local council, I’d disagree vehemently with the leader of the Labour group, who used to play football with my dad, and he would disagree vociferously with me.

‘But as soon as we got outside we’d shake hands. We’d say: ‘What happens in the chamber stays in the chamber.’ Just because two people sit on opposite sides of the political divide, it doesn’t mean they need to be fighting all the time.’

Echoing the words of the murdered Labour MP Jo Cox, who was shot and stabbed to death in her Yorkshire constituency a year ago by Nazi sympathiser Thomas Mair, Mrs Murray says: ‘I’ve always agreed with her that we have more in common than that which divides us.’

MP Sheryll Murray's election posters were defiled with swastikas and her home was covered in Labour Party posters

MP Sheryll Murray’s election posters were defiled with swastikas and her home was covered in Labour Party posters

No one can deny that Mrs Murray, 61, holds strong views that she is not shy of voicing in her gorgeous Cornish accent as rich as clotted cream. A supporter of Brexit, she campaigns effectively on behalf of the fishermen in her constituency of South East Cornwall, which she won last month with a majority of almost 17,500.

Her roots are deeply embedded in the community she serves. She was born and raised in a council house in Millbrook, the Cornish village where she still lives in a modest home.

Her husband Neil, a trawlerman, died tragically in a horrendous fishing accident six years ago.

She has endured the shock of sudden bereavement and the grief of widowhood. She also understands, at first hand, the dangers and privations endured by her constituents who make their living on the sea.

All of which, you might imagine, would endear her to Cornish voters of all political stripes — even those who disagree with her views.

Actually, you would be wrong. Because during the last general election campaign, Mrs Murray was subjected to an unparalleled outpouring of sheer vitriol and exceptionally vile personal abuse.

It would be unbelievable if you didn’t see it with your own eyes. Venomous posts on social media incited people to ‘burn the witch’ and ‘stab the c***’.

And it didn’t stop there. Facebook refused to remove a satirical page devoted to vilifying her, which features her photo next to a tick, a flea and a leech under the headline: ‘Know your parasites’.

Mrs Murray’s election posters were defiled with swastikas and her home was covered in Labour Party posters.

Worse still, a man urinated in the doorway of her office — an act caught on the cameras installed to step up security after Jo Cox’s murder — before shouting: ‘F*** you Sheryll Murray, you’re a f****** pr***.’

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  1. Nobody should ever have to put up with any abuse.

    However, this story keeps changing, and I think this woman is a bit of a fantasist.

    She’s notoriously rude, and that is to her own constituents, so it’s not surprising some are rude back. If she dishes it out, she should be prepared to get it back.

    Also, the tale of someone peeing in the doorway. I believe, that her office is next door to a pub, and this is a regular occurrence. It would be interesting to see the cctv.

    She is a cry bully. Presenting herself as someone who is being picked on by the nasty Labour voters.

    Liked by 1 person

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