Wimbledon BANS political slogans amid fears of pro-Corbyn chants on Centre Court : Express.

CHANTS praising Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn were widespread in the run up to, and during, the music festival Glastonbury.


Organisers of Wimbledon have outlawed political slogans at the event
But now Wimbledon is taking steps to outlaw outright displays of Corbyn-mania.

The organisers of the tennis tournament – which begins on Monday – have issued strict bans on political slogans.


Selfie sticks and large flags are also banned

It comes alongside bans on objects such as flares, large flags and selfie sticks.

The All English Lawn Tennis Club says the move aims to stop people using the event as a “platform”.

A spokeswoman said: “We wouldn’t want people to use this kind of event as a platform for their specific views or causes.”

Read More : Daily Express.



  1. I can see it now… The audienace standing in rapture to any Tory MP in the arena being heckled with the sound of TORIES OUT, TORIES OUT.

    Meanwhile a glorious repetition from the spectators as Jeremy Corbyn enters Centre Court. Crowds singing “OH JEREMY CORBYN” As he takes his seat bowing, raising his hands in response to the crowd before getting settled.

    Security guards from G4S man handling people and attempting to remove them from their seat’s.

    Ha ha ha ha ha.

    BBC Braking news: Disturbance at Wimbledon brings havoc with fighting and unsocial behavior from activists of the Labour lefties.


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