‘Corbyn voted to Leave!’ LBC host announces bombshell revelation of ‘secret Brexiteer’ : Express.

THE LBC host Maajid Nawaz has ridiculed frustrated Remainers who blindly gave their vote to Jeremy Corbyn, a secret Brexiteer leading the Labour Party.


LBC host Maajid Nawaz said Remainers were “absolute fools” for believing that a vote for Jeremy Corbyn was a vote against a hard Brexit.

During a bombshell expose on his LBC show, Nawaz revealed how Mr Corbyn was perhaps the strongest and longest-serving Brexiteer in British politics.

The radio host said the left-wing leader had been a principled Brexiteer since 1975 and consistently voted to take Britain out of the Brussels bloc.

This comes after yesterday’s shock endorsement from Nigel Farage for Jeremy Corbyn to lead Brexit talks.


Nawaz revealed how Mr Corbyn was perhaps the strongest and longest-serving Brexiteer


The MP has gained a large youth following, who overwhelmingly champion Britain in the EU

Nawaz said young Remainers championing Jeremy Corbyn as their “saviour” will be disappointed to find out he’s secretly a Brexiteer.

He explained:  “Europe happens to be, and the European Union, and Brexit, and our staying in the European Union, happens to be one of the most important issues to you under 30s.

“You were so angry you didn’t vote in the referendum, that you came out to vote protesting Theresa May’s hard Brexit in this general election.

“Well let me tell you something, about this man Jeremy Corbyn, who you have decided is your saviour, a rockstar on the stage of Glastonbury, who’s going to lead this country back into, if not the European Union, then definitely a soft Brexit and the single market.

“This is the same Jeremy Corbyn, who in 1975, when asked which way he voted in the national referendum of 1975, to decide whether Britain stays in the European community, do you know which way Jeremy Corbyn voted?

“Jeremy Corbyn voted no! In other words, Corbyn has been a Brexiteer since 1975, and you delivered him your vote!”

Read More : Express.


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