Heroic Grenfell Tower firefighters gagged from talking about horrors amid fears death toll could rise above 100 : Mirror.

The order from bosses has been revealed by several Fire Brigade sources who grimly insisted the official figure of 80 dead will soar.

Firefighters have been gagged from talking about the horrors (Photo: Daily Mirror)

Heroic firefighters have been gagged from talking about the full horror at Grenfell Tower amid fears the true death toll will top 100.

The order from bosses has been revealed by several Fire Brigade sources who grimly insisted the official figure of 80 dead will soar.

They spoke as authorities were accused of masking the total of those who perished in the inferno.

One firefighter, who did not want to be named, told the Sunday Mirror: “We’ve been told by our management don’t speak, ideally. The coroner has said it could obstruct the investigation. I don’t know how it can – what’s happened has happened, but that’s what we’re being told.”

A union rep for the Fire Brigades Union said: “We know the death toll will be higher than the official figure – and we’re not talking about one or two higher. There’s a strong possibility we are talking about three figures.”

But the authorities say they can only release confirmed details and that it will take months to establish exactly how many people perished in the June 14 fire at North Kensington, West London.

Officials do not want to cause further upset by releasing figures until they are certain. The lack of clarity over the number of bodies still inside Grenfell has caused great distress among locals.

And David Lammy, the Labour MP for Tottenham, said survivors and loved-ones of the missing needed better ­information.

He said: “I am very concerned the Government and the Metropolitan Police have not allayed fears in relation to the numbers.

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  1. They knew what they were doing from the very beginning when they removed poor people’s recourse to legal aid. They did a risk assessment, not to find any risks to the general public but for themselves. They knew people would use legal aid to fight for their safety and health so got rid of that first. This whole process of ‘essential austerity’ which no longer seems to be so essential, was to remove services and help for the unwanted.

    They can not even argue it was to save money because no money has been saved and in fact they have borrowed more money that ever before. They even had the gall to print more money and give it to the rich.

    That is why it was social cleansing, and yes murder, you can not set in motion a series of events that lead to catastrophe without being held to account, but of course they won’t be held to account by our legal system because they have all the power. We, the subverted and disenfranchised have had all our rights carefully and systematically removed.

    Unfortunately for them the human spirit is a complex and wonderful thing and even the lowliest person has the power inside themselves to stand up and point at evil and speak out and even, sometimes be heard.

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