What hippy-crites! Glastonbury Festival ‘hired hundreds of European workers on zero hours contracts but fired them days later’ : Daily Mail.

despite Corbyn appearing on the main stage to discuss workers’ rights

  • Up to 600 litter pickers sacked and left stranded in Somerset after festival  
  • Employees from across Europe ditched without pay or food due to lack of work
  • Comes after Jeremy Corbyn took to the main stage to discuss workers’ rights  

Glastonbury Festival is accused of hiring hundreds of European workers on zero hours then firing them days later.

Organisers face claims they have taken advantage of up to 700 men and women from across Europe who have travelled to Worthy Farm to work as litter pickers.

But following a dry festival, it is understood there was a lack of work with organisers deciding to lay off the majority of workers at last minute.

It comes just days after the event’s creator Michael Eavis welcomed Jeremy Corbyn to the main stage where he gave a passionate speech about workers’ rights.

Now hundreds of workers claim they have been left stranded in Somerset without payment, food or a place to sleep.

In a shocking video published on The Independent’s website, Glastonbury Festival staff are confronted by upset workers who ask to be fed before they are kicked off the ample site.

In a heated exchange, a man understood to be coordinating the litter pickers tells them they should be ‘grateful’ for the work.

And as tensions rose, the supervisor appears to manhandles some of the protesters who tried to block the path of a nearby vehicle.

Read More : Daily Mail.



  1. To be fair, I don’t think Corbyn himself employed these people, although the inference from the Daily Mail is that it is his fault.

    This is part of a wider problem, where we are all treated like rubbish. For the last 7 years, the Tories have driven wages down, introduced zero hours contracts and taken the power away from the unions. If the Mail had any credibility, it would put the blame where it lies, on the Conservative government that it never gets tired of sucking up to.

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  2. By their reasoning everyone who attended Glastonbury is guilty of exploiting these employees. First off the government made the laws that allow zero hours contacts, next the organisers of Glastonbury hired them, they may even have hired a separate company to supply workers and finally they were sacked after Corbyn had left so he had no idea until now.


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