The majority of Tories hate Theresa May but want to use her as a shit-magnet : Another angry voice.

A poll conducted by Conservative Home has revealed that an astounding 72% of Tories want Theresa May to quit as party leader before the next General Election, which surely has to be one of the worst votes of no confidence any Prime Minister has ever suffered from within their own party.

The really interesting thing about the result isn’t that almost three quarters of Tories want Theresa May to go before the next election, but that 56% of them want her to hang around as a kind of political shit-magnet to attract all of the public contempt that seven years of malicious and incompetent Tory misrule has generated, in the desperate hope that it all sticks to her personally, rather than to their beloved Conservative brand.

This desire to see Theresa May desperately hanging onto power against the national interest just goes to show the power-hungry mentality that infects Tory tribalists.

They know perfectly well that Theresa May is a lame duck Prime Minister, that the deal with the DUP bigots is going to be a stinking orange order millstone around their necks for as long as it lasts, and that core pillars of the Tory ideology (hard-right austerity dogma, wage repression, slashing in-work benefits for the working poorerecting barriers to social mobility, lavish handouts to the mega-rich, privatisation mania) are now so politically toxic that they’ll pay a very heavy price if they try forcing more of it through parliament.

They also know that the popular Tory fantasy of a socially and economically catastrophic “no deal” strop away from the Brexit negotiations just isn’t going to fly. Not only do their DUP enablers oppose it, dozens of their own MPs just wouldn’t stand for Theresa may turning the UK into an international pariah because she’s being embarrassingly outmaneuvered at every turn by the EU27.

Tory tribalists know perfectly well that they have such a weak and directionless leader that she keeps ripping pages out of her own manifesto, and U-turns so often that nobody knows which way she’ll be facing in the morning.

Tory tribalists also know that Theresa May’s cowardice, controlling-temperament, and directionlessness make her terrifyingly unfit to negotiate the most complex and risky diplomatic process the UK has ever faced.

These Tory loyalists know that their lame duck Prime Minister is shockingly unfit to lead their own party, let alone the whole country. But they also know that getting rid of her now, with a minority government, would result in an unstoppable public demand for another election, which the Tories would almost certainly lose so badly it would make 1997 look like a teddy bear’s picnic.

The Tory tribalists know that letting Theresa May cling onto what is left of her power is blatantly against the national interest, but these people have so much invested in the Conservative Party that they’re perfectly prepared to sling the national interest into theresa May’s bonfire of vanity in order to maintain their grip on political power for as long as possible.

It doesn’t matter how many dodgy bungs they have to lob at the DUP, nor how many of their own rotten principles they have to bin, because the most important Tory principle of all is power for power’s sake.

This self-serving Tory willingness to let allow a woman that they now absolutely hate cling on to power is a clear and undeniable demonstration that Tory tribalists are willing to put the interests of the Conservative Party above the interests of the nation in order to maintain their grip on power.

Let’s hope that the British public are smart enough to see this shockingly self-serving Tory opportunism for what it is, and give these power-hungry parasites an absolute walloping at the next opportunity, whenever that arises, and whether they’re led by Theresa may or not.

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  1. I can give you an example of this in action that also asks several other questions. Yesterday on the first news bulletin on radio 2 it said “There is a large demonstration in London today against AUSTERITY”. At the next news bulletin this had changed to “A demonstration against Theresa May, not even Theresa May’s government, but just Theresa May. A couple of questions here why is the BBC so easily manipulated to follow orders and how does it work. Do they get a phone call to the news desk telling them to change their stories or is there a more formal briefing. That would never happen would it?

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  2. She must be aware that the party are just tolerating her, but she is just clinging to power, without any consideration for the needs of the country.

    She will go down in history as the worst prime minister ever. Which is a shame, as it lets Cameron off the hook for his ruinous attempt to run the country.

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